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Friday, March 18, 2011

Was she now?...

How can all these girls just have no remorse?
And cheat on their boyfriends with another one
And then cheat on that One with some other John
All the girls this days just have no remorse

Why do this to one that cares about her?
Just take what he gives her and play with his heart
And keep on doing that 'till he falls apart
She does this to one that cares about her

And how can you not give a fuck when he's down?
Pretend that you don't see what's in front of you
And never admit what should always be true
She just doesn't give a fuck when he's down

That's when he figures out that it is not worthed
And goes on with life like she was never there
So from that moment on he tries not to care
Thank god he figured out that it is not worthed

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A light...

It's only fair to have some fun
When all you had to do is done
When all that you have loved is gone
And when all ends up being none

In vain you search for yesterday
When you no longer see a way
To get out of this mess some day
And melt the snow on which you lay

No wonder life is so fucked up
When you yourself have lost the map
And you can no longer rise up
To get out of this self set trap

But when your way seems to be lost
In life and love you have to trust
As one soul rises from the dust
And in her to believe you must

Her eyes are warm, her smile is light
Such an attraction you can't fight
And when, at dawn, you hold her tight
You know you will get through the night

Am I to be saved? I just might...