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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As darkness shelters the shadows of the night
It washes off the line between wrong and right
On a side of the lake, the girl stands alone
Reliving a past that should be her own

Memories, so lovely, but so painful yet
Of moments that have past, of people she had met
It's all just one big story, a story of a girl
That's trying to find out what's for her in this world

She finds that she has got to a crossroads yet again
Not knowing where to head for, not knowing why or when
She has to make a choice that will influence her life
And goes ahead so reckless, without thinking it twice

There is always a choice, girl, and you have just made yours
Don't think that you will ever, find here some open doors
Keep thinking with your head then, and cry a broken heart
'Cause in the end what matters is we all fall apart

* Probably the ugliest poem I have ever written... imperfect rhymes... no measure... no rhythm. Words and emotions spilled out with no regard for anything... one of the best expressions of anger... I'm sorry...

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Another end...

"I'm sorry, boy" is all she said
Another story comes to'an end
Another chapter closes now
And what hurts more's not "Why?", but "How?"

It seemed like yesterday was fine
Her heart would beat the same with mine
But now she says goodbye to me
I guess it wasn't meant to be

The whole deal was just too fucked up
To ever end good anyway
From the start we knew we'd messed up
But we just went on either way

And now the pain should bleed my heart
And sweetly tear my soul apart
But time should heal it in some way
So I could start another day

Another song plays its last note
Another wave to sink the boat
Another star falls from the sky
Another rose would fade and die

But she's not any other girl...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Again and again, you try to find out
What is in her head, what's it all about
It pisses you off knowing that she hurts
And you are not there to tell her the words

She won't talk to you, won't answer your call
And then when you ask her "It's nothing at all :)"
'Cause nothing hurts more than knowing you can't
Go knock on her door and say what you meant

She's not gonna tell you what's bothering her
But it's not OK, of that you are sure
So you just keep trying 'till she kisses you
And says "I'm fine, baby", to hell that ain't true

"A girl's heart's an ocean of empty emotions"
But you've heard this selfish excuse to exhaustion
Girl, you may be hurting, but it hurts me too
The' unbearable silence between me and you

So talk to me baby, I'm waiting for you...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I don't miss you at all...

As I wake up to face the day
A part of me is still away
Inside a dream, with you, sweet girl
But still, I don't miss you at all

Each second seems to never end
In every moment that I spend
So far away from you, sweet girl
But still, I don't miss you at all

Each pair of souls that I pass by
Remind me of the one I try
To keep out of my mind, sweet girl
But still, I don't miss you at all

But in the end, the only lie
I can come up with in the try
To not think of you, little girl
Is this: "I don't miss you at all"

Truth is...I miss you more than life...