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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Again and again, you try to find out
What is in her head, what's it all about
It pisses you off knowing that she hurts
And you are not there to tell her the words

She won't talk to you, won't answer your call
And then when you ask her "It's nothing at all :)"
'Cause nothing hurts more than knowing you can't
Go knock on her door and say what you meant

She's not gonna tell you what's bothering her
But it's not OK, of that you are sure
So you just keep trying 'till she kisses you
And says "I'm fine, baby", to hell that ain't true

"A girl's heart's an ocean of empty emotions"
But you've heard this selfish excuse to exhaustion
Girl, you may be hurting, but it hurts me too
The' unbearable silence between me and you

So talk to me baby, I'm waiting for you...

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