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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As darkness shelters the shadows of the night
It washes off the line between wrong and right
On a side of the lake, the girl stands alone
Reliving a past that should be her own

Memories, so lovely, but so painful yet
Of moments that have past, of people she had met
It's all just one big story, a story of a girl
That's trying to find out what's for her in this world

She finds that she has got to a crossroads yet again
Not knowing where to head for, not knowing why or when
She has to make a choice that will influence her life
And goes ahead so reckless, without thinking it twice

There is always a choice, girl, and you have just made yours
Don't think that you will ever, find here some open doors
Keep thinking with your head then, and cry a broken heart
'Cause in the end what matters is we all fall apart

* Probably the ugliest poem I have ever written... imperfect rhymes... no measure... no rhythm. Words and emotions spilled out with no regard for anything... one of the best expressions of anger... I'm sorry...

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