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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Such simple constructions
With clearly no functions
Can say so much shit
Not fun to play with

One little misplace
One word with no trace
Can do so much harm
That's clearly no charm

So don't believe words
Cause they cut like swords
Just look for the facts
Cause lies are just acts

Friday, November 19, 2010

No pants, ha? :-?:))

Some things are just too much
Or way out of control
Things that are out of touch
Can make one give up all

For those who know this game:
You know it's just too tough :))
But ,hey, it ain't no shame
To play a little rough

Yes, this don't make no sense
But you will reach your goal
If you ain't wearing pants :))
And know to play your role

You gotta love this world
And take advantage of
The dark, the night, the cold
And sometimes go on bluff

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Give some back...

Sometimes you need someone
To help find your way
To do what should be done
When you have gone astray

One will tell you to stop
Because you've got no chance
Do not let yourself drop
And stay behind the fence

Jump over that brick wall
Keep going straight ahead
And in the end, stand tall
No matter what they said

One will always be there
To help along the way
So it is only fair
To do the same some day

You need to give some back
When you are finally there
When your life is on track
Do not forget to share

It feels good when you know
That you did all you could
To help someone, to show
Them how to do some good

All this will change your mood...

* To my mother

Monday, November 01, 2010

Take chances...

When one door closes in your face
Don't worry, luck is still in place
Just knock at the next one and see
If this is the one that should be

You gotta laugh at all those things
No matter how bad that shit seems
Because from it you learn to keep
Away from falling in too deep

Beautiful eyes will always try
To charm you with some little lie
But just go on and play the game
As after this all is the same

And in the end you always win
'Cause, hell, having fun ain't no sin
So open up a beer tonight
Let's party on till morning light

And this time, man, I think just might...