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Friday, November 19, 2010

No pants, ha? :-?:))

Some things are just too much
Or way out of control
Things that are out of touch
Can make one give up all

For those who know this game:
You know it's just too tough :))
But ,hey, it ain't no shame
To play a little rough

Yes, this don't make no sense
But you will reach your goal
If you ain't wearing pants :))
And know to play your role

You gotta love this world
And take advantage of
The dark, the night, the cold
And sometimes go on bluff


  1. N-ai idee cat de rau se poate interpreta asta daca nu stie lumea exact despre ce e vorba =))) si nu prea! =)))

  2. Oh I do have an idea :))...but it's a sick one :|
    But it's good as it is :))... Si nu prea :-?

  3. Oky acu ca am citit-o din perspectiva asta :-?
    God si inca cum se interpreteaza =))