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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wake up, Dorian...

I started out with just one task
To have some fun, to be the best
I ended up behind a mask
Emotionless, nevertheless

Got to a point where I would choose
To play a game in which I'd loose
Blinded by passion, by
I missed the road... I didn't see

And I went on a mad man's path
Not caring where this thing would lead
Went forward blinded, like a bat
Driven by my own shallow greed

And when I had got to that door
I knew that I'd been there before
My broken heart still on the floor
Was by now ashes, nothing more

A broken mirror on the wall
Was showing me what I'd become
He looked so empty and so cold
An evil smile, as if he'd won

So horrified, I backed away
And ran towards that tumbling door
That's when I'd finally awake
It was a dream
I'm on the floor

And it's so cold...

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Poem under the shower

It is morning, so early, awake
The city just woke up in chaos
At this time, their smiles are all fake
But later, we shall be victorious

Awake, so early, it is morning
The scent of life in the air
The city is busy, we're swarming
To jobs, to the office, to nowhere

Awake, it is morning, so early
We try to make best of our daylight
We wait patiently, in a hurry
Thinking of what won't, what might...

So early, awake, it is morning
My words make no sense at this hour
So, don't try to get what I'm writing
A poem written in the shower

*This poem marks the beginning of a new life for me, and an entirely new chapter, a point in life that I've waited so long to get to... and I'm here :)... Carmen, as ever, decided to join me in my journey with a tranlation to this poem:P :  Poem sub duş

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Me

For a long time, I was away
I couldn't live a single day
A long time since I just enjoyed
The things around me... I avoid

Feeling that my work is now done
And just sleep underneath the sun
It's been a while since I felt free
To do something that's just for me

But now, I have found peace again
In truth,I feel like a free man
I know I'm safe, I'll be okay
From now on I'll live every day

A path's opened in front of me
To take me where I want to be
I now know that there is a place
For me, I finally have a face

And now, my mission is to grow
And later I'd finally show
The'ntire world what I can be
I dare you, challenge me

And we shall see...

Friday, February 17, 2012

As vrea...

As vrea odata sa iubesc
S-o fac ca niciodata
As vrea sa nu ma amagesc
Din nou c-o alta fata

As vrea sa-i dau tot ce-am mai bun
Sa o vrajesc c-o floare
As vrea sa nu mai spun minciuni
Caci acum stiu cat doare

As vrea s-o duc la rasarit
Din nou la o plimbare
As vrea sa-i spun cat am gresit
Si cat de rau imi pare

As vrea s-o stiu ca-i doar a mea
Sa stie c-o iubesc
As vrea sa-i pot da tot ce vrea
As vrea sa reusesc

As vrea de-acum sa nu ma uit
Ca ieri dup-alta fata
As vrea sa stiu ca tot ce-am vrut
S-ar implini vreodata

Vreau multe de la viata mea
De nu mai stiu ce vreau
Dar stiu, dorinta-mi cade grea
Pe stau

Si nu mai vreau...

*It's the first time that I actually hear a poem in my head...and it's in I didn't really know if I should publish it... I guess I just thought of Eminescu while writing it...and tried adopting his style for a bit...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Same different love...

With every turn you take in life
You're bound to get to a dead end
You learn that love cuts like a knife
You know your heart you can't defend

But still, the pain is bitter sweet
Unknowingly, you crave for it
Her eyes, her smile, her love for you
Still makes you hope that it was true

The same old path you walk again
Same different story you now live
This time it's different, I believe
You're not the same guy from back then

Doesn't matter how many times
You'll want to stop and turn around
Those feelings just keep coming 'round
And you'll be writing the same rhymes

Maybe this time you'll make it work
Maybe this time you'll do things right
Maybe this time y'on't be a jerk
Maybe this time you're gonna fight

To hold on tight...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Admit defeat...

It's fucking hard but damn it's fun
Living life as it's just begun
It's cool to party all night long
But in the end , you don't belong

You freaking rock, party like hell
The club is yours, you know it well
Everyone there thinks you're their guy
But really, all you do's deny

Deny that you're afraid to love
Destruction fits you like a glove
Afraid that you'll screw up again
The question's not "if?"...more like "when?"

You meet a girl, you meet her twice
You see the hope that's in her eyes
You see the potential in her
And know you'd ruin it for sure

You know that you must stay away
With her you will not have your way
She's not the kind to just have fun
You can't forget her when it's done

So go back to what was before
To when life was but nothing more
Than having fun and living it
When every moment was a treat

Admit defeat....

* This poem... for a broken heart...mine... There's nothing worse than meeting someone so innocent, so pure and so beautiful that just makes you go crazy.... you wish she would never change...but you know that you'd only do wrong by being with're afraid that you could influence her in a bad way ...that you could ruin such a perfect being... I was afraid that some of my ideas I couldn't express well enough... but where I didn't do good enough, Carmen did :). The most beautiful gift I ever received... a translation to my poem... "Da-te invins". Thank you, Carmen...but I feel thanks is not enough...