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Monday, August 22, 2011

You'll only break me once...

-translation from romanian author-

She nests her soul into his chest
Knowing that silence would be best
Curiously, he asks her what she wants
"'ll only break me once

I gave you all that's left of me
For good, for worse, for what should be
After I stitched my broken soul
When I thought I'll never be whole

And every stitch is tied with steel
But still, the same I'll never feel
So innocent, so happy, starry eyed
That part of me that loved the stars had died

Maybe you fear that I will never smile
Don't be afraid, I am not that fragile
But still, never forget this words:
My love, you'll only break me once

From time to time , I find the time to stop and relax, while enjoying her amazing work. So I read her blog yesterday to find this amazing piece, reminding me how Carmen can leave me speechless. This is the original : "Mă poţi dezamăgi numai o dată"

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The dance floor is burning as we're face to face
Our bodies gone crazy as we sensed the bass
Girl, I felt your heat from the first embrace
The club's almost empty,still, we'd need more space

"Should we crash the car or go to your place?
Any second longer here would be a waste"
Soon,our bodies danced like never before
In a single heartbeat we were on the floor

Right now we were one, our heartbeats had matched
I knew she's the one the first time we touched
Our bodies were burning, melt under the sheets
The room looked like teared down by some crazy beasts

When the fire burned out, just like little kids
We're hiding together under the white sheets
It was crazy passion, but just for one night
We forgot each other at the first sun light

Friday, August 12, 2011

To Blaxy Girls...

A poem for five old friends that took part in an important chapter of my life. Actually, without them I wouldn't have lived that chapter, I wouldn't be who I am right now. Thanks, girls :)

Five girls inspired you
To act at your best
Those five girls made it true
That life's not a waste

With passion and talent
They make us believe
That energy well spent
Will help us achieve

What we've always wanted
What we'll ever need
You,little girls, started
This race in full speed

Armed with instruments
You rise to the stage
And then all become friends
No matter the age

'Cause music can make us
Live up to our dreams
Its passion can take us
To heaven, it seems