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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A new beginning....

A story of a new beginning, a new chapter in life, a poem that closes this chapter and the blog along with it. I'll be back soon with a new chapter.

Sometimes in life you think you've had enough
When everything goes wrong, when things start to get tough
You hope to find something to make you stay on top
To go ahead and do it, not let yourself be stoped

You feel that you are down, that there is no way out
You hope that all will end soon, your mind is full of doubt
Self confidence is nowhere, no reason to go on
And all your dreams have parished, while all your hope is gone

And still, you find someone that is looking out for you
Someone that cares, someone who will try to help you through
Right there, you start to wake up, believe you'll be ok
Because she's here to guide you, and here she's gonna stay

That's all you've ever needed, that's all you'll ever need
When to life you find meaning, you'll find out you can read
A ray of light in darkness, a shortcut through the woods
A way out of the maze in which you were lost for good

"Omule, dai si'nvata,te crezi atotstiutor?"
Is all that you have needed to get up from the floor
So now it's time to do it, now that you can achieve
Everything that you fought for, cause now you can believe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once more, goodbye...

Some people think that love
Is all they need to feel
To help them rise above
And make it all seem real

I'm not saying they're wrong,
Misguided or naive
Cause if their faith is strong
It's helpful to believe

Still, I'm starting to think
That love's a fairy tale
And if you stop to blink
You'll fear that you may fail

In truth I think I would
Do better by myself
If I do as I should
I'll find that there's more wealth

In the words "love to live"
Than in them "live to love"
In freedom I believe
Not in the words above

Who am I lying to?
I've loved and will again
I might get to love you
Or her, or all of them

I'll just say that for now
I'm happy to be free
From you, from her... somehow
I'm where I need to be

So I guess it's goodbye
To all of you, my love
I'll spread my wings and fly
To the skies up above

So, once more, goodbye, love.

Monday, June 13, 2011

...Out of dreams

I had a dream a few nights ago about this beautiful little brunette with the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. She was singing a song to me. So, in the middle of the night, I woke up singing this song and started writing it down. So this is what she said:

You're the one for me
My boy can't you see
How you complete me?
Happiness, this is energy...
Out of dreams

All I wanna know
Is that you will be
Always close to me
Happiness, this is energy...
Out of dreams

My eyes only see
Your smile. You'll always be
The only one for me
Happiness, this is energy...
Out of dreams

All my life I knew
That I will find you
Our love is true
Happiness, this is energy...
Out of dreams

Am I in love again?