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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No pain, fun game...

There is just no life without love

Believe not what you've read above

Life can be fun without someone

That you would miss when she is gone

Cause when you have no one to fear

That you will loose when she's not near

You can live life without a doubt

And stand up tall to face the crowd

You can sin and never feel bad

You can hurt and never feel pain

Without love you will not feel sad

Don't be afraid to play the game

So,simple life: no one to blame...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Raining cigarettes...

The sky is crying silently
The red star stoped smiling at me
That warm sun that I prize so much
Is once again gone, out of touch

I am alone here with my sins
Aspiring for another life
One cigarette is all I strive
To find no matter by what means

The smoke is what keeps me alive
The thin silk thread dances the air
It tells a story that's so fair
It gives me reasons to survive

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I think it's happening...

"To hell with emotions"'s what I used to say
Just have fun and enjoy life every single day
But what the hell happened? How did i get here?
Why do I feel lonely when she is not near?

I thought I figured out how to live my life
Away from the word "love", that cuts like a knife
I thought I can easily look at any girl
And see her as one of many in this world

But still this one girl I think got to me
To my heart somehow...My god... this can't be
With her little games, she's into my mind
And now I feel something...don't know of what kind

My narcissist self still remains untouched
But my universe now has shifted so much
The center of it all, that 'till now was me
Is sliding towards her. At least seems to be

I can't stand one night without being with her
She did get to me,man. Of that I am sure
I just feel complete with her in my arms
I know I have given in to all her charms

I won't say the words, for I am not sure
But still, to this illness, I know there's no cure
I am falling in it, but I won't give up
I will not surcome and fall in its trap

Love is not for me, not my way of life
As I like it, freedom is my only wife
Still, she makes me wonder just how could it be
If she was the one that was meant for me

But what's going on next? we shall live and see...

*This poem means a lot to me. One of my favorite actually. I think Carmen sensed this when she took my words and turned them round to write them in romanian. A real work of art that's touching the soul :): "Se intampla..."