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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some stupid cast...

You look around you and you feel
Like running wildly through the field
Like jumping on the soft green grass
Like not letting a moment pass

You'd swim in crystal blue water
Along with the other mermaids
Such grace like you would have no other
Such beauty that all else just fades

You'd please the gods in graceful dance
You'd never look back in the past
You'd have achieved all of your plans
But what stops you's that stupid cast

Still, don't worry, this pain won't last

Sunday, April 03, 2011

A dark cold world

As I opened my eyes today
I woke up in another world
As if it changed in some odd way
And everything just turned so cold

All that I had seemed to be lost
And all I hoped for turned to dust
And everything that I had cherished
In one second,one blink, had perished

Where was I now? God, what went wrong?
When yesterday I felt so strong
When days ago my world was hole
And now there's nothing in my soul

I fucked up but just don't know how
I did something but don't know what
It's me, I feel it in my gut
So what am I to do right now?

All that I loved has turned away
How the hell did it come to this?
I am now lost, I feel astray
So in the end... What did I miss?