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Friday, January 27, 2012

Admit defeat...

It's fucking hard but damn it's fun
Living life as it's just begun
It's cool to party all night long
But in the end , you don't belong

You freaking rock, party like hell
The club is yours, you know it well
Everyone there thinks you're their guy
But really, all you do's deny

Deny that you're afraid to love
Destruction fits you like a glove
Afraid that you'll screw up again
The question's not "if?"...more like "when?"

You meet a girl, you meet her twice
You see the hope that's in her eyes
You see the potential in her
And know you'd ruin it for sure

You know that you must stay away
With her you will not have your way
She's not the kind to just have fun
You can't forget her when it's done

So go back to what was before
To when life was but nothing more
Than having fun and living it
When every moment was a treat

Admit defeat....

* This poem... for a broken heart...mine... There's nothing worse than meeting someone so innocent, so pure and so beautiful that just makes you go crazy.... you wish she would never change...but you know that you'd only do wrong by being with're afraid that you could influence her in a bad way ...that you could ruin such a perfect being... I was afraid that some of my ideas I couldn't express well enough... but where I didn't do good enough, Carmen did :). The most beautiful gift I ever received... a translation to my poem... "Da-te invins". Thank you, Carmen...but I feel thanks is not enough...