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Friday, February 10, 2012

Same different love...

With every turn you take in life
You're bound to get to a dead end
You learn that love cuts like a knife
You know your heart you can't defend

But still, the pain is bitter sweet
Unknowingly, you crave for it
Her eyes, her smile, her love for you
Still makes you hope that it was true

The same old path you walk again
Same different story you now live
This time it's different, I believe
You're not the same guy from back then

Doesn't matter how many times
You'll want to stop and turn around
Those feelings just keep coming 'round
And you'll be writing the same rhymes

Maybe this time you'll make it work
Maybe this time you'll do things right
Maybe this time y'on't be a jerk
Maybe this time you're gonna fight

To hold on tight...

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