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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I do not give...

I didn't give you my heart
Just let you take it away
I've let you tear my soul apart
Hoping to stitch it back someday

And so you did with every word
You slowly came into my world
I had you breach my every thought
When how to love I just forgot

I didn't just show you my world
I let you see it through my eyes
So in the end, it's no surprise
That you're in my mind, sweet girl

So when you left I told myself
That I will never look for you
You're like a book, left on the shelf
Waiting for me to think of you

But that, my girl,'s not up to me
Will you come back? That we shall see
Will I still be here? No one knows
I guess that's just how this life goes

I'll see you again , I suppose...

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