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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another game...

Put on your poker face tonight
As you now raise the bet again
'Cause when darkness covers the light
The game shall start and will not end

Your soul's at stake so you can't loose
Look at your cards, carefully choose
Your next step as it will decide
If up you go or down you slide

But the big pot is not in cash
Cause all is nothing else but trash
A very different game I play
And I'll go with it all the way

As every card's piece of a soul
And in your hand you hold the key
If it's a pair they are now whole
Call it faith, karma...destiny

This time it's worthed, I'm all in
The queen's heart I am gonna win
With just one smile she's stolen mine
And like the stars her eyes would shine

Those eyes...divine...

1 comment:

  1. Bucăţi de suflet împrăştiate,
    regina să le-adune toate,
    să le păstreze ca să fie
    mereu lumini in poezie.