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Sunday, October 17, 2010


A warrior trapped on enemy ground
Never to be heard from, never to be found
One flair still burns strong deep inside his soul
One thought motivates him to achieve his goal

Somewhere back home, his love waits for him
Fear of losing her haunts his every dream
So he fights each battle as it's the last one
And fearing his rage the enemies run

Curious how fear can make one fearless
How caring for someone can make you careless
Your future's decided by things of the past
The first memory of her can then be the last

Being the last survivor he hides in the woods
Where he has to fight nature's crazy moods
An abandoned cottage rests him for the night
But he's to be ambushed by next morning's light

An angel of war with a bow in her hand
Ready to attack, before him would stand
Taken by surprise, the man sits there still
Both scared and confused... "Wow, is she for real?"

A couple of days pass and he finds that she
Was the long lost daughter of a king to be
A princess he had found, one so beautiful
That he had forgotten what was waiting home

War turned him around, he's another man
From now on he's no more a soldier of Rome
He'd fallen in love and never again
Was he to go back to what was once "home"

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