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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tonite begins

As a new life begins
We start to understand
That now, by any means
Our future's in our hands

Temptation's all around
And we have to give in
To it, to every sound
'Cause living ain't a sin

My friend, open your mind
And listen to your soul
Tonight, son, you will find
That heart rules over all

Let's start the game tonight
With all our hearts let's play
And darkness , shade and light
Shall guide us all the way

* The opening poem for the second chapter of My story in lyrics . I just hope that you will enjoy this one too :P.
Even more, the poem was translated into romanian by Carmen, a very talented poet with which I played a little game of translating each other's poems on my previous blog.
So, don't forget to read the romanian version :
Sa traiesti nu e pacat

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  1. "living ain't a sin", when we "play with all our hearts" and "our future's in our hands"
    Atat de adevarat, atat de frumos spus! Felicitari! Si mult, mult succes!